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Phen375 Follow Instructions

I just wanted to go over some interesting facts about people and their habits. Bad habits you know the one where not following instruction or directions is normally the curse of action most chosen. is attempting to educate our clients to follow our diet plan, water consumption recommendations and actually take the phentemine375™ diet pill or tabs as directed on the bottle and in our diet plan.

Did you know that less that 5% of the population actually redeems gift certificates correctly? What about getting that job you so desperately need. This comes from an article I read about though times in an economic crisis "We have told people when they came in, `Listen, if you're going to fill out an application, you need to use a pen.' And then we had about 25 percent of the people use a pencil." Incredible 25% of the applicants cannot or will not follow the most basic instructions when their livelihoods depend upon it.

How about life and death health issues, you would have thought surely here people will follow directions right! This comes for doctor’s new letter; I certainly would have thought people pay attention to their doctor. I mean you pay lots of money for the doctor’s opinion, take time out of your day to visit his office. The doctor is educated, has experience and your best interests at heart, he has even sworn a Hippocratic Oath to protect your health and that of others to the best of his ability. Now do you suppose for life and death people will follow the instructions more closely? It only makes since right! Nope check this out; most people follow only half of their doctor’s advice. The half that doesn’t follow often means the difference between a successful treatment and a lingering illness or even death. Now the reason I bring this to your attention is simple, Phentemine375™ wants you to follow our advice and instructions so you get the results you are paying for.

Doing only half will not get you better weight loss results. For some reason the general public seems to think they know better than the manufacture of a product. I am amazed people don’t just try filling their cars up with a water hose, Oh you say that would be stupid hahhaha. Yes you are correct it would indeed be a big mistake. But when concerning their health people in general just don’t listen. Just to give you an idea, has had studies done on or behalf by 3rd party entities, in one of these studies the participants only received diet pill and the average weight loss was only 7 .3%. Now the participants who were given the correct two diet pills per day there weight loss percentage increased by 53.7%. Big difference right I mean 53.7% more people lost weight just taking the diet pills requested and stated directly on the bottle.

Now another study was done, this time, take 2 diet pills and follow diet plan. Guess what the percentage of weight loss was. You don’t have to guess I will just tell you 83.2% lost weight, now the last study was done this way two diet pill, diet plan and water consumption formula completed. Now this is very interesting the percentage of people who lost weight went to 99.4%. That’s right; no joke everyone who followed the directions to the letter lost weight.

I am going to show you a short email from a client who claims to have been following the diet plan this is certainly not meant to belittle the client, but rather to show you how she thought she was doing it the correct way , when in fact she was doing it completely the wrong way.

Customer said:

Believe me, as I said twice before, I followed your directions to the letter
I take one pill per day, I drink lots of water 4 glasses, and I skip breakfast.
Oh well, hope it works for others

Support said:
I understand feel you are following our plan, but you are not following the diet plan , you are suppose to eat 6 times per day, not skip meals . This alone will put your system is starvation mode, also you are telling me you are only taking 1 diet tab per day , You are suppose to take one in the morning and one mid day .If you actually down load and read the diet plan it has am and pm time where you mark the time you consumed your tab, it also makes you chose a choice one of the three meal options for that time period , the idea is to change your eating habits over a 30 day period. Eating 6 times per day small, low fat, low crab metabolism boosting foods the pills will help boost your metabolic rate but we also want you eating 6 times also, this helps the pills keep your metabolism working. Drinking the water flushes your liver and kidneys. Most people make the mistake of not eating, or skipping meals this causes your body to go into starvation mode and actually slows down your ability to burn fat. I feel you think you were following the plan, but in honestly you were not, just by taking 1 pill tells me you did not down load the diet plan , follow it for 30 days, You should just follow the diet plan for 30 days, take the 2 phentemine375™ pills as directed and you will actually increase your metabolic rate, But again you have to follow it to the letter. Four glasses of water is probably at best half of what you should be consuming.

Again if you were not following the diet plan and taking pills that's why you did not achieve the results we normally get. Support

Now let’s pick this apart, did you see where she said believe me I told you 2 times I followed everything to the letter. I truly believe she thought she was, but did she? No she did not, not even close. Now did you see (oh well, hope it works for others) She has already given up and did not follow anything we suggested correctly did she? The truth is, she did not follow instructions, not even close now she is making the decision based upon her experience, did doing it her way succeed NO. Don’t make the same mistake follow and use the phen375 way for optimum success. really wants you to do it our way, why, simply because it works, its proven and guaranteed. So why do people try to reinvent the wheel and make it square and wonder why it does not role. The phen375 way of taking our product is the correct way, it works we tell you to take two diet pills per day, Not one, two, Next never, I mean never skip meals, that is what you have been doing all your life and it has not worked so far. Skipping meals only tells your body to slow down your metabolism to conserve your fat for later, you know when it gets even worse and you really need to live off that fat for a few days, weeks or months.

Now let’s look at a client who is doing it the phen375 way and let’s see from the CRM customer management system what she has to tell us.

Customer said:
Hi I'd like to place an order ASAP , if someone could PLEASE contact me I'd appreciate it, my computer at home is broke and I cannot use the office computer for personal use... THANK YOU SO MUCH , I AM ON MY 2ND MONTH I HAVE LOST ALMOST 32 POUNDS , I HAVE TO LOOSE ANOTHER 60 POUNDS PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL TONIGHT AFTER 6 PM.... My cell XXXXX I will have my credit card in hand... Have a great day call me!!!

Now I don’t have to tell you what our support department did, well ok I will tell you. We told her we were out of product and it’s on back order, Ha-ha no not really, we greatly appreciated her request to purchase a refill, we get and receive comments like these all the time. I just though you might like to see what our support department sees daily. The truth here is so so simple, if you follow our plan to the letter, you have to lose weight. It’s a proven documented fact 99% lost weight. You will lose weight if you do it your way, maybe. But you are guaranteed to lose weight if you do it our way the way its guaranteed, but you have to actually do it.

Now phen375 support staff is willing to help you, if you have any questions. If you need them to send you anything from articles, diet plans to help you with your water consumption calculations. Whatever you need phen375 is here to help. We typically answer within a few min to a couple of hrs, So take advantage of outstanding customer service.

Now please don’t claim to be following the diet plan and then tell us the fast food you ate last night was offset by you skipping a couple of meals. Or that pie was not that big, the cola you had also contains water and you should be able to count at as part of your pure water consumption. I promise I’m following the phen375 diet plant to the letter. We will call you on it; it’s our job to sometimes tell you the bitter truth. You will succeed if you do what we tell you, if you follow our directions you will lose weight fast. You will improve your health and waist line for a longer better life, physically and mentally.

Now here is our products guarantee you have absolutely nothing to fear or lose its guaranteed.

(If you follow the diet protocol and do not lose weight within a 30 days’ time, we will refund your purchase price in accordance with the return policy.

• You must complete, mark and weigh yourself each day using the Diet Plan, this diet can be down loaded. Must be kept up to date and used daily.
• 30 Days Minimum must be completed using phentemine375™ and diet plan; If you are not satisfied then you have a maximum of 14 days from the time you ended the 30 day, you will need all the supporting documentation to request a refund. (Example 30 day diet plan using phentemine375 tabs and diet plan. You have within the 14 days at the end of this 30 day period to request a refund.

Phen375 stands behind our products and services, Phentemine375™ works; it’s guaranteed and backed by a 44 day guarantee. You have nothing to lose but weight, we have thousands of bottles already sold and to date our returns amount to less than .003 % literally 8000 out and only 24 back, honestly the numbers don’t lie. If it works from them it will work for you. If you put the phen375 plan to work it will burn that fat right off you, Increase your metabolism result in greatly improving your general health.

Try Phen375 now!

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